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Bike & Win.

The application that allows you to take on bike challenges, to compete alone or in a group and to win rewards.

What's Bike&Win?

The app propose to take on bike challenges.

A challenge is a number of kilometers to bike, within a certain period of time (week / month / year) for a reward: cinema ticket, concert, theater, exhibition,  festival, discounts, a service or donations to a charity…

Bike commuters always win

Extra time. Money. Health.

How does it works?​

Sign up for short (∗), medium (∗∗) and long term (∗∗∗) challenges, and team up to win them together!


Before starting, choose the challenges for which you want to ride in each category (short ∗, medium ∗∗ and long term ∗∗∗). You can compete for a challenge in each category simultaneously.

Drive and progress in the challenges you have chosen! Win challenges and the organizer will contact you to offer you your reward.


Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions for the application!   Warning! When you win a challenge, you will receive an email inviting you to contact the organizer for the receipt of the reward. Bike & Win does not support the awarding of awards.
Mobile: +32 472 950345
ID Skype: gkerckhofs_1info