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Bike & Win.

The application that allows you to take on bike challenges, to compete alone or in a group and to win rewards.

What's Bike&Win?

The app propose to take on bike challenges.

A challenge is a number of kilometers to bike, within a certain period of time (week / month / year) for a reward: cinema ticket, concert, theater, exhibition,  festival, discounts, a service or donations to a charity…

Bike commuters always win

Extra time. Money. Health.

How does it works?

  • Sign up for short-term and long-term challenges from your friends, your business, or the community
  • Before you start choose the challenges to activate in each category (short, medium and long term). You can compete for a challenge of each category simultaneously.
  • Ride and progress in the challenges you have chosen
  • Win challenges and contact the organizer to collect your reward. If the number of participants having completed a challenge exceeds the number of rewards foreseen by the organizer, the application will draw the winner (s)
  • Have fun creating challenges for your friends, your employees, your fellow citizens and participate in the promotion of cycling as a means of daily transportation while reaching a dynamic community


Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions for the application!   Warning! When you win a challenge, you will receive an email inviting you to contact the organizer for the receipt of the reward. Bike & Win does not support the awarding of awards.
Mobile: +32 472 950345
ID Skype: gkerckhofs_1info