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The story

This is the story of a midlife crisis man. A man trapped in boxes: the screen, the office, the car.

This is the story of a man who suffocates, and who, to free himself, rides a bike. A bike that allows him to regain health in his body and in his mind. A bike that gives him freedom and a connection with nature. A bike that also allows him to save money and spend time with his family.

This man has only one regret, he would have like to get on a bike earlier. So he sets himself the goal of sharing his discovery with his fellows. He has an idea: invite to pedal, play and be rewarded. He finds associates to help him realize his idea and together they found Bike & Win.

A gamify cycling app to promote bike commuting by taking and creating challenges.

The app is released september 13th. Stay tuned!

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